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During these times of COVID-19 lockdown, it matters even more than usual to have a good sport routine in place, to stay in a good shape – both mentally and physically.
Luckily, here in Amsterdam, all parks are still open, and given the absence of cars and direct pollution, running in the city these days is terrific (hence the herds of runners all around the city!). I personally feel like I was given a new pair of lungs!

Here is my ranking of the top 5 running routes in Amsterdam-

#1 – Amsterdam South Parks Loop (Haardlooproute) – 10k

This is my favorite. Unplug the brain, follow the red dots on the ground, and enjoy the landscape. The loops goes through green areas of Amsterdam Zuid, through BeatrixPark, alongside AmstelPark and the Amstel river.


Running in Amsterdam Amstel morning
View of the Amstel river during a morning run

#2 – Amsterdam Old South and Vondelpark – 9k

Vondelpark is of course a classic running route, still very enjoyable, even though pretty crowded these days (so it may be challenging to observe social distancing at any time). The loop around it is circa 2k. I often top up one or several loops with a run among the quiet and scenic streets of Amsterdam Oud Zuid (Old South)- the pavements are quite large, and the roads are often empty!

#4 – Amsterdam West and Old South Parks – Inner Loop – >20k

When training for long distance running, it can be challenging to come up with creative and scenic routes within a city. Luckily, in Amsterdam, we have many parks and canals! This loop here goes through some quiet streets of Jordaan, gets around Westerpark, then South through Erasmuspark and Rembrandtpark, then into the Vondelpark, to finally go through Oud Zuid, Rivienrenbuurt, de Pijp, and then back into Jordaan.

#4 – Amsterdam West and South Parks and Forest – Outer Loop – >21k

This one, also for a long run goes from Jordaan to the South along a canal, through the Vondelpark, then South to reach the Amsterdam Bos. If you need more distance, you can loop in the forest itself! Then we go East through the Kalfjeslaan, to reach the Amstel river, where you can go South as much as you want, depending on the distance you want to run! We finally come back to the city center along the Amstel, through Rivienrenbuurt and De Pijp, and through the Museum Square.

And you, what are your favorite running routes in Amsterdam?



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