As the CBD industry is very recent, and research still in full swing, it is very difficult to disentangle the true from the fake, whether you are an experienced used or about to experiment with CBD for the first time.

At Fyllde, we have compiled all available resources on CBD and identified the levers that have the greatest impact on the ideal dosage of CBD: sex, weight, and physical fitness.

In general, experts agree to start with a consumption of 10mg CBD per day: this corresponds to 3-5 drops of Fyllde oil. Then, it is recommended to increase gradually until the expected level of comfort, without exceeding 50mg per day, or about 20 drops (as beyond, one may feel side effects). It is also advisable to wait 5-7 days before adjusting dose, as the body may take some time to adjust.

CBD dosage depends mainly on weight

Two main theory are defended by specialists:

  • On the one hand, some experts argue that the ideal dosage does not depend on weight, since CBD acts on endocannabinoid receptors, present in a similar number in all individuals, in the brain and the neuronal system
  • On the other hand, a vast majority considers that CBD passes through our tissues before reaching these receptors, and therefore the ideal dosage depends on the weight of the person and his/her metabolism.

To a lesser extend, CBD dosage is also influenced by gender and age.

Find your ideal CBD dosage

You can calculate in just a few clicks your optimal consumption of Cannabidiol, using the form below:

(if you’re having trouble using the form on mobile, please visit this link)

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