We processed and compiled all results from scientic reseach on CBD and Cannabis from the past 40 years. In this study from 2017 entitled The Effect of Medicinal Cannabis on Pain and Quality of Life Outcomes in Chronic Pain: A Prospective Open-label Study, the authors Haroutounian S, Ratz Y, Ginosar Y, Furmanov K, Saifi F, Meidan R, Davidson E came to the following conclusions:

Major outcomes(s)

Cannabis reduced pain and opioid use.



The objective this prospective, open-label study was to determine the long-term effect of medicinal cannabis treatment on pain and functional outcomes in subjects with treatment-resistant chronic pain. METHODS: The primary outcome was change in pain symptom score on the S-TOPS (Treatment Outcomes in Pain Survey – Short Form) questionnaire at 6 months follow-up in intent-to-treat (ITT) population. The secondary outcomes included change in S-TOPS physical, social and emotional disability scales, pain severity and pain interference on brief pain inventory (BPI), sleep problems, and change in opioid consumption.


274 subjects were approved for treatment; complete baseline data were available for 206 (ITT), and complete follow-up data for 176 subjects. At follow-up, pain symptom score improved from median 83.3 (95% CI 79.2-87.5) to 75.0 (95% CI 70.8-79.2), P<0.001. Pain severity score (7.50 [95% CI 6.75-7.75] to 6.25 [95% CI 5.75-6.75] and pain interference score (8.14 [95% CI 7.28-8.43] to 6.71 [95% CI 6.14-7.14]) improved (both P<0.001), together with most social and emotional disability scores. Opioid consumption at follow-up decreased by 44% (P<0.001). Serious adverse effects led to treatment discontinuation in two subjects. DISCUSSION: The treatment of chronic pain with medicinal cannabis in this open-label, prospective cohort resulted in improved pain and functional outcomes, and significant reduction in opioid use. The results suggest long-term benefit of cannabis treatment in this group of patients, but the study's non-controlled nature should be considered when extrapolating the results.








Haroutounian S, Ratz Y, Ginosar Y, Furmanov K, Saifi F, Meidan R, Davidson E


Clin J Pain 2016 Feb 17 [Epub ahead of print]


Open study

Type of publication

Medical journal

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