We processed and compiled all results from scientic reseach on CBD and Cannabis from the past 40 years. In this study from 1970 entitled Cannabis substitution An adjunctive therapeutic tool in the treatment of alcoholism, the authors Mikuriya TH came to the following conclusions:

Major outcomes(s)

Marijuana consumption may help to decrease alcolholic intake.


The physical and psychosocial effects of alcoholism arevaried in kind and amount, depending on each individualcase. The resultant behavior is due to the complex interplayof pharmacologic effect of alcohol with the psychosocialaspects of the user. Tamarin and Mendelssohn vividly depictthe destructive effects of prolonged alcohol intoxication :The anxiety-reduction model often utilized to explaininitiation and perpetuation of episodic drinking wasfound inadequate to explain motivation for alcohol useby the alcoholic. Euphoria and elation were manifestonly during the initial phases of intoxication. Prolongedguilt, and psychic pain. These unpleasant affects, however,were poorly recalled by the alcoholics followingcessation of drinking.The degree of inebriation appeared to be more closelyrelated to patterns of alcohol ingestion than to the totalvolume of alcohol consumed. Compulsive and constrictedbehavior patterns, which were present duringsobriety, changed markedly during intoxication, withincreased verbalization, varied expression of feelings,increased interaction, and frequent behavioral regression.During inebriation, psychic defenses appearedweakened with significant reduction of repression andreaction formation.*Such chronic abrasive difficulties have been noted by apatient of mine, a forty-nine-year-old lady (Mrs. A.) with ahistory of alcoholism dating back from her teens, unsuccessfullytreated by varied group and individual psychologicaltreatments for many years. When she was referred to me, shehad *been using illicitly obtained crude marijuana intermittentlywith a frequency of perhaps every weekend or so. Itwas noted that when she smoked marijuana she decreased heralcoholic intake. I instructed her to substitute cannabis daily-any time she felt the urge to partake in alcohol.drinking was characterized by progressive depression,








Mikuriya TH


Medical Times 1970;98(4):187-91


Uncontrolled case report

Type of publication

Medical journal

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