You’re not mistaken, this post is not an attempt to celebrate the beauty of France’s Brittany beaches. That said I personally believe they are among the most beautiful in the world. I just wanted to highlight where Fyllde started to emerge in my mind. I wouldn’t have the chance to shot this landscape if I hadn’t discovered Cannabidiol.
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A word about me

Reynald Fasciaux Fyllde's founder hiking Pyrenees

My name is Reynald. I’m a happy dad of a 2 years old boy and I share my life with a wonderful woman. Besides enjoying life in the beautiful city of Amsterdam and trying to catch up with a busy career, I have a hobby – nature sports. I indeed practice a lot adventure racing, trail running, mountain biking, hiking, skiing……
..Well, I used to. For the past ten years I’ve suffered from an injury well known by athletes: chronic Achille’s heel tendonitis.
My first response to it was: “well it’s fuc**** painful, but with high dosages of anti-inflammatory drugs I can still run”. I even kept on running ultra-marathons – after which I was unable to walk for weeks. Up to the point that I could not cope with the pain any more and I suddenly stopped any regular sport practice.

The long road to recovery

I won’t go into the details of how you feel when you go from running 4 times a week to nothing overnight. At that time I was lucky to be passionate enought about my job, so I found ways to compensate the lack of physical activity. In any case my tendon was still very thick, strained and painful, so I was clear I could not go back to an intense practice anytime soon.
Still, three years ago, when my university friends, who I used to do everything with, ran the “Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc” for the first time (>170km, 10,000m+) I felt really depressed – I hit the bottom. First time in my life that I was missing such an important milestone – the race that I had been dreaming of for years!
It acted as a wake up call. since then I tried almost everything to heal: shockwaves, various physiotherapy treatments, chiropractic, insoles, etc. Unfortunately so far with mixed results.  Any smalls benefits I could feel never lasted more than a handful of days. Until I discovered CBD.

How Cannabidiol (CBD) speed up things

When the world anti-doping agency explicitly authorised Cannabidiol, I started reading more about it. I realised American professionnal athletes were already using it extensively  for healing small injuries or or recovering after intense workout – e.g. NBAMMA. According to them, it has a noticeable effect on pain, anxiety and inflammation and the big advantage of not having any known side effects.
[Legal Disclaimer: none of these medical properties can be claimed as it’s just based on anecdotal feedbacks, and the proper research is just at its inception and nothing has been scientifically backed yet].
Hemp seeds Fyllde CBD with 0 THC
I decided to give it a try. I searched for quite some time trustworthy CBD oil options in Europe. And I can’t say how liberating it was. Long story short, I spent the summer running every day on the coastline of French Brittany, enjoying unique landscapes.
My analysis of the situation is that high doses of CBD were keeping the inflammation levels low and allowed me to increase my training load without feeling too much pain afterwards [Again, it has not been been scientifically backed, at least not yet]. Of course, there is no magic, and even if CBD may have effects on some symptoms, it doesn’t treat the causes.
Still, I can say Cannabidiol triggered a new chapter in my life – by running regularly again, I was in a much better shape, I was sleeping better, I was happier with my family and colleagues. And I ultimately found enough energy to put in place some substantial changes in my life in order to ultimately get rid of this tendonitis.

My secret sauce for healing

Here are the 4 pillars that drive today my exercise routine today:

Fyllde category CBD hemp seed oils guaranteed THC-free containing 5% CBD in 10mL and 30mL and CBD balm with no backgroundStability

In the way I train, I try to stick as much as I can to my training schedule. I’m also more mature in the way I run, i.e. I warm up before and cool down after every session. I do less intervals, and more endurance training (slower but longer, less stressful for the body).

Healthier diet

I reduced a bit my alcohol consumption. My wife and I also try to slightly change our diet habits – less refined sugar, almost no meat, less bread, and no snacking at all.


I started  a new protocol at the Sport Medical Center of Amsterdam (fabulous team, I strongly advise for people who live here) called “heavy slow resistance training” combined with shockwaves and stability exercises every other day. It’s tough, but seems to be working extremely well so far. Learn more about heavy slow resistance training here.


I take 5 drops of Fyllde oil twice a day that I hold 60 seconds under the tongue before swallowing. I also apply some Fyllde balm on my tendon every day in the evening.

After a few months my tendon is much thinner, smoother and I barely feel it during or after the effort. I’ll try to stick to this routine for quite some time. And hopefully, next year this tendonitis will be a thing of the past. I hope you’ll see me running marathons and ultra-marathons again 🙂

Why I started Fyllde

Finding a good CBD oil in Europe was not easy. In fact, I realised there was a massive gap between each side of the Atlantic. On the one hand in the US/Canada where finding a high quality product is easy.
On the other hand, in Europe this nascent industry need to be observed with caution. Indeed a large variety of products come up with an unclear CBD % or list of INCI ingredients. Some have shady origins, and most of them contain traces of THC.
At the same time, a lot of people like me are keen on testing of the potential effects of CBD. But they don’t want to take the risk of being intoxicated by the small levels of THC the products available today may contain. As a reminder THC is the stuff that gets pot smokers high, and even if tiny traces probably have no effects, it’s still a forbidden to consume THC in a lot of european countries.

I came up with the idea of offering a straightforward, easy to understand CBD product line. Fyllde starts with one oil, one vape juice with the same CBD % (5%). They are available in 2 sizes (10mL and 30mL) and certified THC-free. Since CBD also has great topical properties, we also wanted to propose a balm.

Fyllde: pure  and THC-Free CBD Balms and Oils

After a few months of hard work, I’m really proud to announce that we are about to launch Fyllde. We’re the first brand to offer a comprehensive range of THC-free Cannabidiol food supplements and cosmetics. Our products comply with the strictest regulations in Europe (especially in France, the toughest one). Furthermore, they fit all requirements to be used in competition by professional athletes.

All our products may be found on We deliver from free from 50 EUR / GBP, in 24h in France in 2-5 days in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Tell us more about you – ever tried CBD? what would you be using Fyllde CBD products for?

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