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In addition to using CBD as a 100% natural means of treating or preventing certain medical ailments, CBD is also becoming increasingly popular as a mean to improve athletic performance by some of the top athletes in world.

CBD (coming from hemp) was indeed explicitly authorised by the world anti-doping agency in late 2017 which means it can now be used in professional sports [whereas THC remains strictly prohibited] . This is a great step forward, because unlike regular prescription drugs commonly used by athletes to deal with inflammation, CBD has not been found to be addictive nor to have side effects at small doses.


Here are just a few professional athletes who stand behind their use of CBD hemp oil to improve their athletic performance and their health.

Brock Cannon – Ultra Running, Mountain Biking

Brock Cannon ultra-traileurs uses CBD for recovery.

Brock grew up in Salt Lake City and raced as a professional mountain bike racer from 1996 to 2015. When he retired from mountain bike racing, he took up ultra running (anything longer than a full marathon) and was introduced to the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. At one point he was taking 12 ibuprofen per day to aid in his recovery and to deal with knee pain, and it was in the summer of 2015 where he found drastic relief in the full plant extracts of the cannabis plant and particularly CBD oil.

Now, he runs a trail marathon each weekend as part of his training and has proven in the battle field just how beneficial CBD products can be for all athletes-not just runners. Consequently Brock is on a mission to spread the benefits of the plant to athletes all over the world, and is the author of the book The Cannabis Athlete, and founded the online community of the same name. You’ll find Brock running on the rugged trails of Santa Barbara, CA or relaxing on the beach with his family when he’s not working.

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Judith Hagger – Triathlon, Ironman

Judith Hagger triathlete uses CBD for recovery and pain management

When she’s not competing in Multisport World Championships or travelling the world to compete in Ironman races, triathlete Judith Hagger can be found enjoying life in Forest Row with her children, or training with her club. Following her second place success in the Wales Ironman, she explains how she uses CBD and the secrets to staying ahead of the race in an interview..

Journalist: “How does CBD make you feel?”
Judith Hagger: “The muscle relaxant was the main thing for me, particularly after my more intense training sessions. I also found my sleep improved massively – I was able to really relax and recover through deeper sleep.”
Journalist: “What would be your advice to anyone looking to introduce cannabidiol into their life?
Judith Hagger: “Inflammation is something we have to all make an effort to control as we get older – but nutrition is also important.

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Andrew Talansky – Triathlon, Ironman

Andrew Talansky is very rigorous in his training and uses CBD regularly

Original Article from GQ USA:
“Andrew Talanksy doesn’t smoke weed. As a professional triathlete, he could be drug-tested at any time, so even if he wanted to touch the stuff, he couldn’t. Still, Talansky’s biggest sponsor is a CBD brand which has nothing to do with marijuana. Actually CBD comes from hemp and doesn’t contain THC. Andrew uses it to reduce chronic c and pains, help him sleep, and ease competition-related stress.
Recently, he’s noticed more of his friends dabbling with CBD supplements, too: “Some people have it the night before a workout,” he says. “Usually less have it during. And most are stoked to have it after as recovery.””

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Other Sports

Besides ultra-running and triathlon, CBD is also widely use in NBA, NFL, and MMA [References: [8]]. That’s mostly because an increasing number of sports federations in the US encourage athletes to use it.
As a consequence, more and more people experiment and share their feedbacks. Here below are a few interesting readings:

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